Housing Mobility: Increasing Residential Choice for Voucher Holders


During the physical redevelopment of the Whittier Street public housing through Whittier Choice, 200 households will need to relocate, and some will select a housing voucher. While TACC’s primary focus is on aligning resources for the vitality of Roxbury, this project recognizes that some residents will choose to move outside of the community.

In partnership with the Boston Housing Authority and Housing Opportunities Unlimited, TACC launched ahousing mobility strategy to help increase housing options for families using vouchers by providing them with the resources, information, and coaching necessary to make fully informed choices for their families. Housing mobility services include recruiting landlords in neighborhoods throughout Greater Boston to ensure balanced unit listings, and providing households with pre-move housing counseling, housing search assistance, and post-move integration support. TACC designed and built a digital housing locator application that helps residents and relocation coaches use their household’s preferences to search for apartments.

The live housing locator application can be explored here.

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