Olneyville and Manton Heights | Providence, RI


Olneyville Image for WebsiteIn 2013, TACC completed a transformation plan for the Olneyville neighborhood of Providence, RI that centered on the revitalization of the Manton Heights public housing project, a distressed community of 330 units operated by the Providence Housing Authority. In Olneyville, 41.1% of families live in poverty; the median family income is $19,046, which is below the citywide average of $32,058. The plan builds on TACC’s Manton Heights residents’ needs assessment conducted in 2012. The plan takes a comprehensive view of the community, focusing on ways to rebuild this public housing community into a thriving mixed-income community and mapping ways to encourage investment and partnership that will reduce the isolation and improve the lives of residents. TACC’s early projects set the groundwork for Build Olneyville, a HUD Choice Neighborhood Initiative.