Queen Anne’s Gate | Weymouth, MA


When it opened in 1973, Weymouth’s Queen Anne’s Gate was one of the first mixed income communities in the U.S. It currently contains 560 units of housing, 50% of which are available to low- and moderate-income residents.

In 2013, TACC conducted an assessment of Queen Anne’s Gate residents’ supportive service needs and preferences. The purpose of the assessment was to identify gaps in services and amenities, patterns of service utilization, barriers to accessing and using services, and provide a deeper understanding of resident needs and their perceptions of which needs are not being adequately met in the community.

The main recommendations are summarized below:

1. Develop a Resource Guide for distribution to residents and staff.

2. Conduct a more thorough assessment by doing a community-wide survey that can establish a baseline of resident perceptions.

3. Hire an onsite community outreach and referral coordinator.

4. Create community building opportunities to encourage resident interaction, neighborly behavior, and establish community norms.

As part of the implementation of these recommendations, TACC developed a detailed resource guide as a preliminary tool to connect residents and service providers from the surrounding area.

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