study March 16, 2001

This 40-page study documents the history, existing conditions, and recommendations for the revitalization of Hollywood, California. Hollywood is one of the most famous and recognizable locations in the world; it is immediately associated with the film, television, and music industries. However, with the growth of television industry in the 1970s, many entertainment companies moved farther west and north. Hollywood gradually declined and developed a crime-ridden and seedy image. The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce and The American City Coalition partnered to bring a Urban Land Institute (ULI) Advisory Service panel to Hollywood to address how this area could best build upon new initiatives, including $1.5 worth of commercial development underway, yet continue to keep its unique character and, ultimately, become a better place to work, visit, and live. Recommendations included: create a privately led partnership to establish and implement a shared vision through a master plan; mobilize the marketing, financial, and creative genius of the entertainment industry; make Hollywood a vital and real community for local residents, workers, other residents of Los Angeles, and visitors by building on its extraordinary history; create a series of four discretely demarcated districts along Hollywood Boulevard; transform short-term tourism to long-term tourism; conduct a comprehensive parking and traffic study; strengthen the powers of the Community Redevelopment Agency of Los Angeles; leverage the power of mass transit.