Press Release | March 13, 2014


March 13, 2014, Boston, MA – The American City Coalition (TACC) announced its partnership with the Urban Institute to assess and strengthen services for the residents of Oak Hill in Pittsburgh, PA. This six month program development process will build strategic partnerships to improve the social, health, and educational outcomes for the community.

Since 2001, the Oak Hill Resident’s Council has worked tirelessly to better its community through housing redevelopment. The original public housing project -­‐ Allequippa Terrace -­‐ was replaced with a mixed-­‐income community, which has raised standards for housing and created a much safer environment.

“Oak Hill is a beautiful community which has made a dramatic transformation,” said Paul Mahoney, Oak Hill Regional Director. “We want to build on this success and continue to help even more families by providing the services that they need. By bringing in outside resources from TACC and the Urban Institute, we are able to better understand the residents and what partnerships will best serve them.”

Through its research, TACC identified the Urban Institute’s Housing Opportunities and Services Together (HOST) model as a framework for improving outcomes for residents and the community at Oak Hill. Launched in 2010 by the Urban Institute, HOST is a dual generation approach to coordinating services for adults and youth in public and mixed-­‐income housing. It centers on integrating services for adults, children and youth with intensive one-­‐on-­‐one case management to help confront key barriers to self-­‐ sufficiency, including poor physical and mental health, addictions, unresolved trauma, low literacy and educational attainment, and weak attachment to the labor force.

“Oak Hill has an enviable list of partners and resources,” said Susan Popkin, director of the Program on Neighborhoods and Youth Development at the Urban Institute. “The Residents’ Council, universities, medical centers, and youth programs, among many others, are already engaged. What HOST offers is a way to leverage and coordinate these resources to achieve even better outcomes.”

“The foundation for a truly thriving community at Oak Hill has been put in place, and as a result, today the residents will benefit from more intensive services to improve quality of life, educational outcomes and new economic opportunities,” said Neil McCullagh, Executive Director for TACC. “The HOST model provides a unique framework for partnerships between the Oak Hill community and local non-­‐profits, educational institutions and other organizations, and we are eager to partner with those who want to work closely with Oak Hill residents to further strengthen this neighborhood.”

The program began in January 2014 and will be conducted through June 2014. For more information
please contact Alex Curley at or (617) 822-­7267.

About Urban Institute:
Urban Institute is a national, nonpartisan think-­‐tank located in Washington, D.C., which gathers data, conducts research, evaluates programs, offers technical assistance, and educates Americans on social and economic issues to foster sound public policy and effective government. For more information visit

About TACC:
The American City Coalition (TACC) is a non-­‐profit organization that supports sustainable strategies for neighborhood revitalization and supportive services to enhance the quality of life for families living in low-­‐income and mixed-­‐income communities. TACC partners with owners of housing, resident councils, property managers and social service providers to improve opportunities for residents to participate in community, educational, and recreational programs, as well as job readiness and training initiatives. For more information visit

Media Relations Contacts:
Neil McCullagh, TACC, (617) 822-­7366,

Heather Shea, Brodeur Partners, (617) 587-­2814,

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