Strengthening Boston’s Lower Roxbury Neighborhood

In a recent interview, Kate Bennett, Deputy Administrator for Planning and Sustainability at the Boston Housing Authority (BHA), spoke about the partnership between the BHA and TACC on the Choice Neighborhoods Initiative Planning Grant at Whittier Street public housing development. “TACC approached us more than a year ago when they heard that the BHA was eager to focus on Whittier Street as a Choice Neighborhoods application. The decision to focus on Whittier was the result of an internal BHA process. TACC was already analyzing Lower Roxbury and trying to advance a revitalization strategy for the neighborhood. TACC’s analysis was helpful to us in preparing our own assessment.” In brief, TACC’s study, Lower Roxbury a Choice Neighborhood, supported the housing authority’s grant application. After the grant was awarded, the partnership grew into specific projects related to workforce development piece, as well as developing and communicating neighborhood improvements.

In February, 57 people representing a broad range of organizations from the United Neighbors of Lower Roxbury and the Urban League to Northeastern University and the MBTA gathered at the Smith House in Roxbury for the Whittier Choice Neighborhoods: Critical Neighborhood Improvements Charrette.

Learn more about TACC’s neighborhood improvements work with the BHA and our long-term role as a catalyst and thought leader for urban planning and supportive services strategies for Lower Roxbury here.

Read the full interview with Kate Bennett, Deputy Administrator for Planning and Sustainability at the BHA, here.

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