For urban families to flourish in safe environments and to benefit from the full economic opportunity of great American cities.

How We Support Neighborhood Revitalization

    The American City Coalition is a support organization that serves neighborhoods of concentrated poverty. TACC works with key stakeholders, including residents, community organizations, schools, businesses and local government to:

    • Initiate and facilitate multi-stakeholder partnerships to support neighborhood transformation initiatives
    • Conduct research and develop objective data to inform programming
    • Develop supportive services that strengthen families and communities
  • What is happening?

    The American City Coalition Highlights

    • Collaborative planning in Newmarket and Upham's Corner in Boston to demonstrate high impact projects in a vital economic corridor
    • Supporting a multi-stakeholder collaborative in Providence, RI to develop a Choice Neighborhoods transformation plan
    • Building collective impact by conducting a residential needs assessment in Oak Hill, Pittsubrgh, PA and guiding planning efforts
    • Strengthening supportive services and outcomes in Dorchester. Check out TACC's Resources Tab for our latest article, 'Driving Quality of Life in Mixed Income Communities' published in the Journal of Housing and Community Development.